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What One Should Do After Pronouncing the Testimony (Shahadataan)

After pronouncing the Shahadataan, it is from the Sunnah that a person does the following:

It is recommended that a person takes a complete bath (ghusl) with pure water and then perform a two-unit prayer. It is narrated that Thumamah al-Hanafi was taken captive and the Prophet would keep coming to him and say:

“What do you say, O Thumamah?” He would say, “If you decide to kill me, you would be killing [in right] because I have killed; if you let me free, you would be letting free one who shows gratitude; and if you desire wealth, we will give you what you please.” The Companions of the Prophet liked to ransom captives, and so they said, “What would we gain if we killed him?” So finally one day, the Prophet decided to set [Thumamah] free, and he accepted Islam. The Prophet untied him and sent him to the walled garden of Abu Talhah, commanding him to take a complete bath (ghusl). He performed a complete bath and prayed a two unit prayer, and the Prophet said, “Your brother’s Islam is sincere.” (Saheeh ibn Khuzaimah #253)