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Belief in the Last Day

One must believe that the life of this world will come to an end. Allah says:

"Whatsoever is on it (the earth) will perish." (55:26)

When Allah wills this world to come to an end, Allah will order Angel Israafeel to blow the Trumpet. At that point, everything on Earth will perish. Then He will order him to blow it again, and upon that, all people will rise from their graves in their bodies, all over the world, from the time of Adam («may god exalt their mention»). Allah says:

"And the Trumpet will be blown, and all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth will collapse and die, except him whom Allah wills. Then it will be blown a second time and behold, they will be standing, looking on (waiting)." (39:68)

Belief in the Last Day constitutes, belief in everything Allah and His Messenger, may Allah exalt his mention, has informed us about:

  1. To believe in the life of the Barzakh: This life is the time after one’s death until the Last Day. In it, the believer will live a life of pleasure, while the disbelievers will be punished. Allah says:

    "The Fire; they are exposed to it, morning and afternoon, and on the Day when the Hour will be established (it will be said to the angels): ‘Make Fir‘awn’s (Pharaoh) people enter the severest torment!" (40:46)

  2. To believe in the Resurrection: Allah will resurrect mankind, naked, barefooted, and uncircumcised. Allah says:

    "The disbelievers pretend that they will never be resurrected (for the Account). Say: Yes! By my Lord, you will certainly be resurrected, then you will be informed of (and recompensed for) what you did, and that is easy for Allah." (64:7)

  3. To believe in the Gathering: Allah will gather all creation together and call them to account. Allah says:

    "And (remember) the Day We shall cause the mountains to pass away (like clouds of dust), and you will see the earth as a leveled plain, and we shall gather them all together so as to leave not one of them behind." (18:47)

  4. To believe that people will be brought before Allah in ranks: Allah says:

    "And they shall be brought before your Lord, standing in ranks: Now certainly you have come to Us as We created you at first. Nay, you thought that We had not appointed to you a time of the fulfillment of the promise." (18:48)

  5. To believe that one’s limbs will bear witness. Allah says:

    "Till, when they reach it (Hellfire), their hearing (ears) and their eyes, and their skins will testify against them as to what they used to do. * And they will say to their skins, ‘Why do you testify against us?’ They will say: ‘Allah has caused us to speak, He causes all things to speak: and He created you the first time, and to Him you are made to return.’ * And you have not been hiding yourselves (in the world), lest your ears, and your eyes, and your skins testify against you; but you thought that Allah knew not much of what you were doing." (41:20-22)

  6. To believe in the Questioning. Allah says:

    "But stop them; verily they are to be questioned. * ‘What is the matter with you? Why do you not help one another [as you used to do in the world]?’ * Nay, but that Day they shall surrender." (33:40)

  7. To believe in the Siraat (Bridge) and that everyone must pass over it. Allah says:

    "There is not one of you but will pass over it (Hell); this is with your Lord a Decree which must be accomplished." (19:71)

  8. To believe in the weighing of deeds. Allah will call people to account and reward those who did well with what they deserve, due to their righteous deeds, their Belief, and adherence to their Messengers, and He will punish those who did evil. Allah says:

    "And We shall set up balances of justice on the Day of Resurrection, then none will be dealt with unjustly in anything. And if there be the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it. And Sufficient are We to take account." (21:47)

  9. To believe in the handing out of Scrolls and Books. Allah says:

    "Then, as for him who will be given his Record in his right hand, He surely will receive an easy reckoning. * And he will return to his family in joy! * But whosoever is given his Record behind his back. * He will invoke (his) destruction. * And he shall enter a blazing Fire and made to taste its burning." (84:7-12)

  10. To believe that people will be rewarded with Jannah or Hellfire in an everlasting and eternal life. Allah says:

    "Verily those who disbelieve from among the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) and the mushrikoon (pagans) will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst of creatures * Verily, those who believe and do righteous deeds, they are the best of creatures. Their reward with their Lord is ‘Adn (Eden) Jannah (Gardens of Eternity), underneath which rivers flow. They will abide therein forever, Allah will be pleased with them, and they with Him. That is for him who fears his Lord." (98:6-8)

  11. To believe in the Hawd , Intercession, and all other things which the Messenger of Allah informed us.

The Merits of Belief in the Last Day

  1. It would make one prepare himself for that Day, by performing good deeds, and competing therein, and abstaining from sinful acts and fearing His punishment.

  2. It would comfort the believers; since they know what they missed in this world, Allah would reward them with better in the Hereafter.

  3. To distinguish the believers who are truthful in their faith from those who are not.